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Next Cruise: Celebrity Solstice

I’m getting excited as our next cruise is just around the corner. Last December, I experienced the Celebrity Treatment for the first time. On the Celebrity Century, I seriously felt the Celebrity difference in the high quality of their food & service. The Celebrity Century is an older, medium sized ship in the Celebrity fleet. Celebrity Century had recently undergone a refurbishment and I was very pleased with all aspects of the onboard experience.

Celebrity Century in Jamaica, 12.14.09

Celebrity Century in Jamaica, 12.14.09

We’re taking the Celebrity Experience to the next level. The first week in April, Jess and I are taking our 8 year old son on his first cruise. We will be Cruising 7-nights to St. Kitts, San Juan, and St. Maarten on the Brand New Celebrity Solstice. The Solstice Class of ship is much larger than the other ships in the Celebrity Fleet. The Solstice has many innovative design features including the first grass lawn at sea. The Solstice has been describe to me as a floating W Hotel. Although the Celebrity Solstice is a Premium Cruise Ship, thanks to the recession the Solstice is not fetching a premium price tag. In April and May you can sail 7-nights from Ft. Lauderdale on the Celebrity Solstice starting at only $599! The best value is actually on the Balcony Cabins thanks to freebies.

Balcony Cabins start at $799 with a $50 Onboard Credit and CruiseDeals.com is paying for your Gratuities ($150 value) must book by February 28th, 2010.

Let me know in the comments if you will be joining us on the April 4th, Celebrity Solstice. I’ll buy your first Fruity Adult Beverage! ~ Happy Sailing Rich Tucker


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How To Find the Best Cruise Deals Online?

How Do I Find the Best Cruise Deals? That is a question I find posted all over the internets as well as asked offline all the time in hair salons and at dinner parties. According AARP Magazine, following @CruiseSource on Twitter is how they find great Cruise Deal Alerts on Twitter. ABCNews recommends subscribing to CruiseDeals.com’s weekly Seamails as a key way to landing amazing deals on Cruise Vacations.

On top of ABCNews and AARPs recommendations, I have a 3rd crucial step to booking Amazing Cruise Deals:

#1 Listen to AARP and Follow @CruiseSource on Twitter!

#2 Take ABCNews.com’s Advice and Subscribe to Seamail Alerts.

#3 MOST IMPORTANT! When you are alerted of a deal that meets your requirements from one of these two sources do not hesitate…the best deals go fast!!

Don’t gamble with your vacation dollars. In the last year, CruiseDeals.com (the agency) and CruiseSource.us (the Blog) has been featured in ABCNews, AARP Magazine, Wired Magazine, USA Today, BusinessWeek, the Miami Herald and many more. The best part is that behind the Awesome Deal Alerts there is a team of dedicated, passionate Cruise Consultants who make sure that your vacation is booked perfectly.

Why Gamble with your Vacation?

Full Disclosure: WOW! Two very trusted sources, AARP and ABCNews recommends CruiseSource.us on Twitter and CruiseDeals.com’s Seamail for finding the best cruise deals.  I just want to fully disclose (happily) that I’m tied directly to both @CruiseSource and Cruisedeals.com!   We have a team of deal finders who work closely with the cruise lines to make sure that we alert our clients of the very best Cruise Deals as soon as they are released. Seamail and Twitter are the tools we use to alert our friends and clients of these deals. Go to Seamail.com to check out our current top 5 deals! As great deals come across my desk, I put them out on Twitter Real-Time.

The Shirt says it all...

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Serving up Top 5 Cruise Deals with a Side-Order of personality!

We take huge amount of time each week scouring the internets and negotiating rates with cruise lines to get our Email Subscribers the Top 5 Cruise Deals each week. Not only do we provide our subscribers with the Best Deals, we also try to make the Emails entertaining and fun unlike anyone else in the Cruise Industry. Sign-up to get our fun top 5 Cruise Deal delivered directly to your email. Just to give you an example of our Seamail Product, below are copies of the last 2 Seamail’s our Subscribers received:

This Week’s Top 5 Cruise Deals 7/21/2009
It’s a fact! Cruises are great for your Mental and Physical Health!* Don’t go through all 2009 without getting away, that’s just not healthy. Our Deal Finder Team prescribes booking a CruiseDeals.com Vacation today to keep that Doctor away! We’ve worked up incredible deal remedies this week so you can relax, rejuvenate, recuperate and have some fun! Deals like a NCL 3-night Bahamas Summer Cruise for only $269 will keep you in tip-top shape!

Other Cruise Vacation Tonics include:
• a 7-night Carnival Western Caribbean Summer Cruise roundtrip from Tampa only $599,
• a 7-night Princess Mexico Cruises roundtrip from Los Angeles, Penthouses only $1,508,
• a 4-night Royal Caribbean Winter Family Cruise only $1,230 for a Family of Four
• and a 5-night, 5-star Celebrity New Year’s Eve Cruise roundtrip from Miami starting at $779!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our cruises are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease…except boredom.
Nobody brings you Better Prices and Exceptional Service like CruiseDeals.com does. Book these deals online or call our Personal Cruise Consultants at 800-668-6414 before the cabins are gone!

This Week’s Top 5 Cruise Deals 7/14/2009
A recent study found that “Staycations” are miserable! Staycations were a marketing ploy by local theme parks, but it doesn’t satisfy our need in today’s always-connected world to go get away, go unplug and go relax! So CruiseDeals.com wants to ensure your next vacation is a real “GO-cation”, where you GO to the Islands, GO ziplining through rainforest, and GO create once-in-a-lifetime memories! And we make your GOcation possible with incredible deals like a Princess 7-night Southern Caribbean Cruise for only $440 pp!

Other GOcations include:
• a 7-night Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise roundtrip Venice only $599,
• 11-night NCL Mexico Cruises r/t San Francisco, $949 Balcony w/$75 Onboard Credit,
• a 7-night Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise this Summer only $599 roundtrip Galveston
• and a 7-night 5-star Celebrity Alaska Cruise roundtrip Seattle starting at only $649!
Sign up for Cruise Deals Text Messages and you’ll be the first to find out about the hottest deals. Simply text FOLLOW CRUISEDEALS to phone number 40404.
Nobody brings you Better Prices and Exceptional Service like CruiseDeals.com does. Book these deals online or call our Personal Cruise Consultants at 800-668-6414 before the cabins are gone!

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Conference Cruises, Business or Pleasure?

I feel like we, the cruise industry have done a poor job educating businesses about the value of Conference Cruises.
We are planning the Social Fresh Cruise, which is the premier Social Media Conference on a Cruise Ship. All of the attendees are leaders in Social Media and they attend multiple social media conferences each year. The companies they work for pay the other conference throughout the year, but because this conference is on a cruise ship several of the individuals have to pay for it themselves. It appears that about 30% of the attendees are paying for the cruise on their own.

The Social Fresh Cruise starts at $395 per person, which is close to the price for tickets for many of the conferences through-out the year. Then they have to pay for Hotels and Meals which adds up quickly. The $395 includes a 4-day cruise, 8 hours of Social Media Sessions, breakfast and lunch buffets, semi-formal dinners, 2 cocktail parties, broadway style shows, free shore excursions, etc. The conference sessions content will be managed by Jason Keath, Greg Cangialosi and Chris Brogan, one of the best in the Social Media industry. But, it appears that many companies do not get it. The fact that it is on Cruise Ship…they label it a vacation. I admit that it will be the funnest Social Media Conference of the Year, but is that reason enough for the company not to pay for it? We need the companies to focus on the amazing value…not that most people go on Cruise Ships to vacation.

Fortunately, Leaders in Social Media understand the huge personal benefit of networking with other leaders in a more relaxed setting like a Cruise Ship.  They also cross paths all year and never really get to focus on strengthening their relationships.   As I look toward planning Conference Cruises for other industries, the fact that some companies will not pay for their employees attendance because it is on a cruise ship could be a potential deterrent to making the attempt.

Any Cruise Agents run into this issue while planning business-related group cruises?  Have you planned an event on a cruise that an Employer would have paid for if it were on land but because it was on a cruise ship it was a vacation? What can we do better to Market Conference Cruises so that Companies are more willing to pay for the Cruise?

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Carnival Destiny – May 28th, 2009

Carnival Destiny FUN

Carnival Destiny FUN

I cruised on the The Carnival Destiny last year in October. Out of all the ships doing 4 – 5 night itineraries, it is the youngest and largest. On May 28th, the Destiny is going to Key West and the Bahamas for 4 nights. May 28th is a Thursday. So it goes from Thursday – Sunday. I that this cruise is setting up to have the potential of being one of the funnest cruises of the year. It is over the weekend and because of the last minute itinerary change the cruise is currently selling for $229 per person. This rate will be available until end of day on May 14th, 2009.
I think that this particular has potential to be one of the funnest cruises of the year is because of the FUN itinerary of Nassau and Key West plus the fact that it is very affordable for the 25 – 30 year olds. The younger crowd on the the Carnival Destiny, the best ship doing short itineraries, should be a blast. For those of you who are 22 – 35 looking to getaway on a short, fun vacation…this is it. Click here to check out current rates.

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The Calm Before the 2009 Cruise Booking Storm

As I had mentioned in the December 15th post, I noticed what was looking like a bottoming of Cruise Prices. With my very active weekly research on cruise prices I noticed that there was a lot of rapid fluctuations in prices. The overall trend was a slight increase in pricing but with the fuel surcharges being removed from the major Cruise Lines, the total price for the cruises were the lowest they had ever been.

It looks to me like that week would have been one of the best weeks to book your 2009 cruise. The great news is that this upcoming week, starting on Dec. 29th is the calm before the storm known as Wave Season. Employers have started asking employees to put in their time off requests as early as possible. So this means that we book 70% of our cruises between January 2nd – March 30th. This increased demand is accompanied be an increase in pricing. December 29th – January 3rd will still have very enticing rates because the heavy booking volume will start the following week.

Do not miss out on the current low prices because you think people will not travel in 2009:

Most cruises sailing in the next two weeks are sold out, which means that ships are full and that people are still traveling. Cruising offers an incredible value compared to land based vacations…people are still going to travel in 2009 and the value of cruising may draw a lot of first time cruisers. If you know you are going to be cruising in 2009, then I advice booking early to take advantage of the current pricing. Cruises booked through agencies such as CruiseDeals.com that are scheduled more than 75 days out are held with a fully-refundable deposit, so if prices were to go down prior to final payment being due you could cancel and rebook at the lower rates. But just as I was correct on December 15th about the rates going up, if you book a month from today you will pay more for the same 2009 cruise. This is FREE Advice, try to book your 2009 cruise this week…and if you do not get the opportunity to this week, then book it as close to January 1st as possible!

A major part of my job is to track cruise pricing and to find the best cruise deals that are going to be the most popular with our subscribers. Take advantage of the many hours that I spend tracking prices and sign up for our free Email Newsletter with Exclusive Deals: Click here to sign up for SEAMail.com!

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