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Travel: Sleep advice for crossing timezones

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After the original post 5 Tips for better sleep on your cruise vacation, the question about how is the best way to deal with crossing over multiple timezones when traveling was posed. Dr. Robert Oexman gave us these tips:

1. You can start shifting your bed time and wake up time by 2 hours each day prior to your trip. Most of us do not have the luxury of doing this with work schedules.

2. Here is the most reasonable solution. Keep your regular bed time prior to your trip
a. One you arrive at your destination, and it is still daytime, get out and get plenty of sunlight. One of the strongest ways to reset our body clock is to expose ourselves to light; especially sunlight.
b. Exercise is another good way to reset our body clock. Walking outside is a great way to keep us alert and reset our body clock.
c. If at all possible avoid napping. If you do nap, keep it to 30 minutes or less. If you get sleepy go outside and walk.
d. The quicker you adapt all of your behaviors to the new time zone, and stick with it, the faster you will adapt.
e. Research has shown that melatonin can be taken to help with adapting to the new time zone. You can take it 30 minutes prior to the time you want to fall asleep. The dosage does not need to be more than one milligram.

3. Crossing time zones from East to West is easier than traveling West to East. When traveling West to East you usually travel at night. Get as much sleep as possible on the flight. Melatonin is a good solution for helping you get accustomed to the new time zone. You can begin taking it on the plane the first night. When traveling from East to West you usually travel during day light hours. Take a brief nap in the middle of the flight but try and stay awake most of the time. Once you are at home you can take melatonin at bed time to help you adapt to the new time zone.

Dr. Robert Oexman serves as chair of the Sleep To Live Institute’s Sleep and Wellness Board, and he received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, and his Master of Business Administration from Missouri State University. His graduate studies include the science of ergonomics and sleep disorders medicine and the effect they have on quality of life.

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Celebrity Solstice: St. Maarten & St. Kitts

Celebrity Solstice, St. Maarten:

A few hours ago we set sail from St. Maarten headed back to Ft. Lauderdale. Luckily, we were the only ship calling on St. Maarten today. Yesterday they were 4 cruise ships docked in St. Maarten. St. Maarten a great inexpensive port for beach lovers and window shoppers. A $6 per person water taxi transported us from the ship to the beach and the Phillipsburg downtown shopping area. For $10 we got 2 lounge chairs, an umbrella, and 2 beers. Dylan got to play on his first white sand beach and splash around in the clear blue ocean. After a few hours on the beach, we hit the shops.
Today, the beach, the taxis and the shopping was not crowded at all. It is probably the complete opposite when there are 4 ships docked in St. Martin at the same time. If you are booking a cruise going to St. Martin, ask your agent to check out how many ships are in St. Martin when you will be there… just something to consider when looking at different options for your next cruise.

Water Trampoline St. Maarten

St. Kitts

Yesterday we visited the Island of St. Kitts. The people of St. Kitts were some of the friendliest I have met in the Caribbean. Not once were we asked to get our hair braided or asked to buy something while we were relaxing on the beach. One of the local guys who rented beach chairs played soccer and cricket on the beach with the tourist kids. We chose to go to Frigate Bay because it was on the Caribbean side of the Island which means that the seas are calm and the water crystal clear. Frigate Bay was not crowded or touristy. There were several bar shacks on the beach. The sand at Frigate Bay was not the pretty white sand and according to one local bartender was the reason that the beach did not get over crowded.
One of the Solstice Black Jack Dealers did recommend the Marriot Resort beach. The Marriot on St. Kitts is a huge property with Golf Course, Casino, impressive pools, and public beaches. The only reason we did not go was because the Marriot resort is on the Atlantic side of the Island. Both the Marriot Beach and Frigate Bay Beach are only a $4 per person taxi ride. Many more pictures and video coming when we get back home!

Apologize about the quality of the video, we only had our Sony Cybershot camera at the beach with us:

Soccer on the Beach with a St. Kitts Local

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Is a World Cruise for you?

Considering a World Cruise? I wanted to know who takes World Cruises, so I asked the agency who is known industry wide for their World Cruise Expertise, Cruise Specialists.

Is a world cruise for you?

We have a number of clients who choose each winter as an opportunity to travel to the exotic and warm tropical routes of a world cruise. A world cruise is nothing like a regular cruise. There is a culture and atmosphere that develops over time; one that takes in where you are going, where you’ve been, what you’ve shared and with whom. This is not an experience that is replicable, it can only happen on a 3-month voyage with the right balance and mix of extraordinary people, places and events.

There is a world cruise out there for everyone who loves travel, loves the examination and education of other cultures and countries. Probably the single most important factor in knowing whether you are ready to embark on a world cruise is an appreciation of and desire for “days at sea.” If you think you would go stir crazy by the thought of several days at sea, then a world cruise is not for you. If you like time to anticipate and savor each port, and you enjoy shipboard life with its enrichment lectures and programming, quiet time for books, activities of health and fitness, games with friends, or the myriad of other things to do, then a Grand Voyage or World Cruise just might be for you.

If you feel you fit the description of a World Cruiser, Contact a World Cruise Expert at CruiseSpecialists.com ~ Happy Sailing – Rich Tucker

Photo Credit Rennett Stowe on Flickr


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5 Quick Tips for your next Cruise

Tips from CruiseDeals.com Agents –

1. Day of Cruise arrive early so they could enjoy the lunch buffet. They will have time to explore the layout of the ship and make their reservations in the SPA. Getting there early also minimizes the chance that miss the cruise.

2. For issues onboard that require a trip to the Front Desk…go during off hours to avoid waiting in long lines

3. Always take a carry piece of luggage with you on day of embarkation. I tell my clients to learn from MY mistake! When you get to the pier on the day of departure you will check your luggage in with the porters and not see then until usually well after the ship as set sailed. This means you are on the ship enjoying it’s many amenities, which could include the pool. Therefore, you will want/need a change of clothes before dinner or just to even freshen up after traveling all day to get to the ship. Also, please remember to carry on any medications, DO NOT put them in your checked luggage.

4. The importance of traveler’s insurance. Not only for cancellation protection – but for the security and piece of mind it provides. No one has ever called and voiced their regret on making the affordable insurance purchase. To the contrary – many people do regret not having the insurance, when something unfortunate occurs.

5. Take a sticky note pad to leave messages for your room steward

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Cruise Advice

Cruise Advice: Just added a page that will remain on the blog. The purpose of the page will be to provide links to the most popular posts that offered original advice from CruiseSource.us. The goal is to educate new cruisers and semi-experienced cruisers. If you are an agent or if you have several cruises under your belt please visit the advice posts and add any comments that you think will help educate our visitors.

Click on the Cruise Advice link above to get to the posts with advice. If you have any specific questions please post them in the comments, I am quick to respond.

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Top 5 Mistakes in Japan – Travelers

I do not normally create a post just to send you to another website.   But I am a Cruise Expert.  And I can get you a great deal on a all inclusive resort in Cancun.   But I am not an expert on Japan.  I have never been there.  We sell Far east Cruises. They have been very popular with our Canadian Clients this year. Due to the strength of their Currency, I think a lot of Canadians have been taking th 

I came across a article for the top 5 mistakes made by travelers in Japan that I thought some of my regular readers would fine useful whentraveling to J apan .   If you have been to Japan and haveanything to advice to addplease leave comments here at Cruisesource.us. 

Here isthe link to the article about the five top mistakes made while traveling in Japan. 



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Wave Season – 2008

If you are new to cruising, then you probably are not aware that the first 3 months of the year is called “Wave Season”.  Wave Season 2008 is upon us!!!! 70% of all cruises get booked January – March.   

What does this mean for you? 

1.  Cruise lines offer deals during these three months because they want to attract our business away from the other cruise lines.  How well the cruise lines and Travel agencies do the first 3 months will go a long way to determining how good their overall year will be. 

2.  If you are booking cabins at the Suite level, now is the time to do it because after February almost all of the high-level suites will be sold out for the next year. 

3.  This will be the time of year that agents are the busiest.  When you book your cruise, closely review your agents confirmation.  Immediately after putting down the deposit, go to the Cruise Lines Website to complete the online reistration to verify all information was entered correctly by your travel agent.  

 Booking a cruise in 2008, you have any questions?   Leave a comment.  I’ll Answer it in between cruise bookings. 

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