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#Cruise24 Social Media Experiment

On Monday, August 2nd, 2010 I will be on Twitter with my @cruisesource account for 24 straight hours to see how many people I can talk to about cruising.   From 11AM ET on August 2nd – 11AMET on August 3rd, I will only communicate using Twitter and the CruiseSource.us Blog from my home office in Indian Trail, NC.  I’ve never done anything for 24 hours straight, so this should be pretty interesting!  I will be tracking several statistics from this experiment and I will share all of them in about a week.  The Hashtag for this Social Media Experiment is #Cruise24.   During the experiment, I’m also attempting to get 100 people to donate $24 to the Airline Ambassadors, one of our non-profit partners for the Cruise4Haiti.   We’re giving away a big prize, details below.

Why?  Twitter has been life changing for me over the last 2 years.  Recently though, I’ve been a little down on Twitter because it doesn’t seem to be as conversational as it was back when I was originally drawn to it.  Today, I find that it is not uncommon to send people @ replies and not get a response.   Is part of the problem that I’ve gotten busier or is it that there are too many people on Twitter not really listening?  I will find out, because I am not allowing anything to interupt my Twitter conversation for 24 hours.

Prizes:  One donor will win an International roundtrip Ticket from American Airlines.    So for a Tax-Deductable donation of $24, you will have the chance to win an airline ticket for anywhere in the world!  There is a $50 activation fee, and there are some restrictions on the ticket.   You want to donate a prize? You better act fast!  Leave a comment or @ reply @cruisesource on Twitter

* the drawing for the ticket won’t be held until there are at least 100 donors for $24 each
* the airline ticket won’t be available for a few weeks, so you will not be able to use it for a last minute Summer vacation

So if you have any cruise related questions, today is a great day to ask it.  If you’re looking to book a cruise, let’s take care of it today on Twitter.  Just send @cruisesource a Tweet. 

I’d also like to thank my employer, Travel Leaders Leisure Group & CruiseDeals.com for allowing me to spend 2 days on a Twitter experiment. – Happy Sailing & Tweeting ~ Rich Tucker



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#SilentClark Making Waves on the Internets

I met Clark Harris, aka @SilentClark, for the first time in person this evening. Clark has challenged himself to be silent for the entire month of May using only Social Media to communicate. His goal is leverage social media to raise $100,000 to fight Leukemia in the memory of his mother who passed last year after a battle with the Cancer.

@MatthewSimpson @SilentClark @CruiseSource

Thanks to Matthew Simpson, Social Fresh Cruise attendee, I’ve been involved with the #SilentClark Social Media Experiment since May 3rd. It’s been exciting to watch the experiment grow from @SilentClark from groundzero to Clark being interviewed on Atlanta 11 Alive news and Mashable.com with 2 week remaining in the experiment. Clark and Matthew were driving from Atlanta to Raleigh and we took the opportunity to tweetup and grab a beer in Charlotte, NC. I’m so glad I got to meet Clark in person, although he remained silent. Taking offline relationships offline is the key to making the most out of the Social Media…I’m sure I will see Clark again when he can speak. Online friends are great, but when you share a once in life-time experience in person you take relationships to completely different level.

Getting to experience the experiment offline this evening gave me a much better understanding of how extreme the challenge to be silent for whole month is. It is more of a Social Experiment than a Social Media Experiment. It tests many of the social norms that we take for granted and its impact is felt more offline than online. Following along online is entertaining. Clark gives business cards to everyone he interacts with explaining why he must use Twitter or some other Social Media tool to communicate with them. Our waitress was enthralled by the whole concept and asked atleast 20 questions. Clark has 11 more days of silence. Follow the Twitter hashtag #SilentClark to keep up with the whole conversation. Share the Social Media Experiment Blog with your friends on FaceBook, Twitter, and Email (people still use email?).

As the momentum continues to build through Social Media and traditional media for #SilentClark, reaching the goal of $100,000 is not out of the realm of possibilities. He will need your support. Become a friend on of SilentClark Harris on FaceBook, become a fan of Silence Cancer on Facebook, and Share the Social Media Experiment Blog with your friends!

Good Luck Clark!!


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