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Live Tweeting from the Oasis of the Seas 11.22.09

Departing on the Oasis of the Seas 2 night inaugural event tomorrow, 11.22.09.  I got back from the Social Fresh Social Media Cruise on Monday and I leave tomorrow for the Oasis of the Seas.   The Oasis of the Seas will change the Cruise Industry and it has been argued all over the internets whether or not it is good or bad.   This has been a huge month for the Cruise Industry on Social Media.  There has been lots of chatter, pictures and videos distrubuted for millions to view.  The Miami Herald reported that I would live tweeting from the Ship on Twitter.  Follow ME -> @CruiseSource.  

I will also be Videoing all over the Oasis of the Seas…. Interviewing as many people as possible about their opinions of the Oasis of the Seas.   Subscribe for FREE to the CruiseSource Blog so you do not miss any of it!

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FULL Disclosure, this is a non-revenue Event for Royal Caribbean to celebrate the Oasis of the Seas… no one onboard the 2 day inaugural paid including me.   ~ Happy Sailing Rich Tucker





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