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Cruise – 4 Insider Tips

[tweetmeme source=”cruisesource” only_single=false “http://cruisesource.us/2010/10/18/cruise-tips/”%5DCruiseDeals.com includes a weekly insider tip in their weekly top 5 deals SEAmail.  Here are a few of the recent SEAmail insider cruise tips:

SEAmail Insider’s Tips – Weekly Tips for You

Obstructed Oceanview: What is It? An obstructed oceanview stateroom is a stateroom that has a window, but will likely have a view of a lifeboat or other external structure of the ship.

The Hook: If you’re on a budget, then these are often just a few dollars per day more than an interior cabin. Sure, you won’t see any scenery, but having natural sunlight will enhance your trip and make waking up easier in the a.m.

The Lowdown: If you’re on an itinerary with a lot of sea time, these can be a great value since you won’t miss as much scenery. They tend to be on higher decks which often puts you a bit closer to the action. But always check the price difference for an unobstructed view stateroom. Again, it might be a matter of just a few dollars per day to get that view which is especially nice.

Stateroom Guarantee: What is It? Think hotel…when you make a reservation, you don’t know which room you’ll be in. Rather, you are reserving a room type. A stateroom guarantee is similar–you are reserving a cabin type (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony) but not a specific cabin category.

The Hook: If you’re on a budget and not too particular about location, you can save some money over even the lowest priced stateroom of the type you select.

The Lowdown: Guarantees are a way for the cruiseline to offer an additional discount while still commanding a higher price for the most desirable staterooms. If they end up filling your voyage, you’re likely to end up in the lowest category, but you’ll still have saved a few dollars. On the other hand, you should always check the price for the better categories within the type of cabin you want. The difference may not be that great and we can help you select a stateroom that’s well placed away from elevators, not below the dance club!

All Inclusive: What’s the Deal? These cruises include much of what costs extra on other cruise lines, so you’ll find your total vacation cost is more complete from the start.

The Hook: Sometimes called fully-inclusive or ultra-luxury, these cruises can really be a great value even if the cruise fare is significantly higher than a similar itinerary on another cruise line. That’s because things that cost extra elsewhere, such as gratuities, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, transfers, air transport, shore excursions and alternative fine dining are often included in your upfront price

The Lowdown: While many of the cruise lines are now offering drink packages to help you manage your onboard spending, you will only find all-inclusive cruise lines in the Deluxe and Luxury markets. If you’re the type of person that likes to know what you’re spending and don’t want too many surprises later, then choosing a fully inclusive cruise is not only relaxing but ultimately can be comparably priced to other cruises, with an element of added luxury!

Repositioning Cruises: What’s the Deal? Repositioning cruises are necessary one-way voyages with the main purpose of the sailing being to move the ships from one cruising market/destination to another.

The Hook: Repositioning cruises are your chance to get a fantastic cruise, with a one-of-a-kind itinerary, visiting unique ports-of-call, all for an amazingly low price!

The Lowdown: Many of the repositioning cruises sell for the lowest price per day making them an incredible value. If the repositioning cruise starts its one-way voyage from close to your home, you will also get to enjoy the fact that you only need to purchase one-way air!

Get alerted to the top 5 deals each week and receive the weekly insider tip by subscribing to CruiseDeals.com’s SEAmail.




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5 Tips for better sleep on your cruise vacation

[tweetmeme source=”cruisesource” only_single=false “http://cruisesource.us/2010/09/21/sleep-cruise/”%5DMany of us go on a cruise vacation looking to recharge from the daily grind. Getting plenty of GOOD sleep is an important part of coming home refreshed and rejuvenated. We asked Dr. Robert Oexman Director of the Sleep to Live Institute for his top 5 keys for getting plenty of sleep on your next cruise vacation.

5 Tips for better sleep on your cruise vacation:

1. Ear plugs: Whether you plan to sleep in late or retire early, cruise ships are busy 24 hours a day. To prevent being awaken by the late night crowd or early morning risers use ear plugs to stop the noise. If the ear plugs are uncomfortable you can usually cut them in half so they fit in the ear more comfortably.

2. Eye mask: if you have an inside state room you will not have to worry about early morning light. If you have an outside stateroom the early morning light may prevent you from sleeping in as long as you wish.

3. Pool side napping: One of the great pleasures about vacation and cruising is the ability to sleep any time you wish. Most people take advantage of our natural tendency to be sleepy after lunch to catch up on sleep that we may have lost the night before or the weeks leading up to vacation. If you have trouble sleeping at night you may want to skip on the naps during the day. Napping during the day decreases our sleep drive at night. If you find yourself getting sleepy around the pool, get up and take a quick swim or walk around the deck.

4. Alcohol: People who normally drink very little at home will see an increase in the alcohol consumption when vacationing. Alcohol will decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep but it will decrease the quality of our sleep. People who drink have very fragmented sleep but will often not remember all of the awakenings. If you are going to drink, do not drink more than one alcoholic drink per hour. Make sure and drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. The combination of alcohol and sun exposure will dehydrate you very quickly. Always quit drinking alcohol at least one hour before bed time. Do not drink caffeinated drinks to “sober you up” before bedtime. Caffeine will only add to the sleep disruption later in the night. Water is the best liquid to drink at bed time.

5. Food: The midnight buffet is always a great treat on a cruise. If you are going to enjoy the buffet make sure and eat foods that are easy to digest. Stay away from high fat foods and limit the sweets that have chocolate which contain caffeine. If spicy foods upset your stomach at normal meal times you can guarantee they will disrupt your sleep when you are trying to sleep immediately after eating from the buffet.

Have specific Questions about getting great sleep while on vacation? Please leave them in the comments.

Photo by Planetchopstick on Flickr

We will continue the Cruise and Sleep subject later this week. We will get tips from Dr. Oexman about how to maximize sleep when crossing several timezones.

Dr. Robert Oexman also serves as chair of the Sleep To Live Institute’s Sleep and Wellness Board, and he received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, and his Master of Business Administration from Missouri State University. His graduate studies include the science of ergonomics and sleep disorders medicine and the effect they have on quality of life.


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How To Cruise like a Pro, Tip #1

Tip #1 on How to Cruise like a Pro:

Bring an extension cord with multiple sockets. Getting the added extension on cords is useful for hair dryers, computers, etc. And Cruise Ship Cabins offer only a couple of outlets and with all of your gadgets you will need more outlets. See Video Live from the Celebrity Solstice for example:

Happy Sailing ~ Rich Tucker

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SportsAgentBlog.com Teams up with CruiseDeals.com

CruiseDeals.com has teamed up with Dynasty Athlete Representation, LLC to host a group cruise for the agents and their growing client list of Professional Baseball players. They will set sail on October 4th on the Monarch of the seas to the sunny Bahamas. This is an awesome opportunity for the players to get away, relax, connect with other players, and of course have FUN! Dynasty Athlete Representation shares my passion of interactive media. They are a leader in Sports Blogging; you can find all of their original content on SportsAgentBlog.com.

While on their cruise you will be able to follow them on Twitter at @DynastyReps, @Darren_Heitner, and @BryanSwalley…. (if you enjoy Baseball and Sports start following them Now!)

CruiseSource.us and Cruisedeals.com are teaming up with the best content producers on the internets to create one-of-a-kind group cruise experiences. We are excited to now include Dynasty Athlete Representation to that list of partners!

If you are an awesome content producer, have an audience, and have thought about using a group cruise to share your passion and to strenghten your connection with your audience and friends, call me 704.965.0228 – that is what I do!
Happy Sailing ~ Rich Tucker

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CruiseDeals.com extends Fuel Surcharge Guarantee

CruiseDeals.com extends the Fuel Surcharge Guarantee through October 31, 2009 because their customers really appreciate the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about the Cruise Lines tacking on fuel surcharges at a later date.  Yesterday was a great reminder of how volatile the Price of Oil is in this economic environment.   Yesterday, the price of oil jumped 5% and CruiseDeals.com clients only have to worry about that increase hitting them at the pump, not ruining the great price they got on their cruise vacation.

Another factor that helped CruiseDeals.com decide to extend it is that their Cruise Consultants love the offer and are proud to be the only ones in the industry offering this protection to clients.  They offer all the same price guarantees and protections that each of the cruise lines offer, but are the only ones guaranteeing no fuel surcharges for Oceanview cabins or Higher.   The Price of Oil is still above the levels in which the cruise lines can add on fuel surcharges, and for CruiseDeals.com to offer the Fuel Surcharge Guarantee at no additional cost to their clients is a very strong message.    What will the price of oil be in June 2010? Nobody knows.  Will the cruise lines feel they can add fuel surcharges in the 2010 economic environment? Who Knows?  CruiseDeals.com says don’t worry about it, reserve that 2010 cruise now with a fully refundable deposit, lock in the current low prices and never worry about the price of oil!  Truly Risk Free Booking.

Customers truly appreciate it, their cruise consultants Love it, and it makes the Cruise Booking experience more enjoyable because there is less stress, so it was an easy decision to extend the offer through Oct. 31st, 2009.

If you would like to support CruiseDeals.com’s effort to protect their clients from Fuel Surcharge Guarantees and to attempt to win a 7nt. Celebrity Cruise Join the FEE NINJAs.  The Fee Ninjas are a rowdy bunch on FaceBook, They are all excited about the chance to win a 5-star cruise to Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska.

Fee Ninjas on a DashBoard

Fee Ninjas on a DashBoard

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Awesome Atlantis advice for Bahamas Cruisers

The Atlantis in the Bahamas

The Atlantis in the Bahamas









Eric Muhlitner, one of CruiseDeals.com’s exceptional cruise consultants, offers great advice to his clients so that can make the most out of their cruise vacation. In return, his client share their knowledge like this awesome nugget for getting the most out of the Atlantis for the best price.

Basically, after they book their cruise they book a hotel room at the Atlantis Comfort Inn and Suites. They Pay around $179 and can get 4 – 5 bracelets to Atlantis. Those bracelets typically cost $100+ each. So this advice can save you $400 plus you have a room to freshen up in and keep your stuff. Here are some more of the details:

“We always tell them our flight(aka cruise) gets in early like 8am, and they go ahead give us our bracelets for access to Atlantis at that time so we have a full day there open to close at the water parks, Bonus-if you are staying at the Comfort Inn and Suites there is a free Happy Hour at their pool from 5-7 with free beer/wine. And you can go and check in anytime after 3 if you want, get the key and change/shower in the room for whatever you want to do that night. We take 2 backpacks(change of clothes/sunscreen, goggles because the hotel has towels/hairdryer/shampoo) with our stuff in it so that it is easy to tote around Atlantis’ huge water park area. With the bracelets you have unlimited access to the water parks, the dig, pretty much everything. And the ship stays over night, so you can really explore the Atlantis property! Hope I’ve explained what we do well enough!” From Cruisedeals.com Client TS

To book your room at the Atlantis, or to get this kind of advice on any Cruise Vacation, call Eric to book your cruise: 800.668.6414 ext. 146

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Hawaii Cruise Day 1

View from our room Hawaii Prince Hotel

View from our room Hawaii Prince Hotel

On several of our previous cruises we flew in the day of the cruise. Each time there was so much stress involved with getting to the ship and on one occassion we almost missed the ship.

Yesterday, we had to get off of our connecting flight in Minneapolis because there was a mechanical problem with our plane. We got on a new flight and arrived 3 hours late in Honolulu. We would have missed the cruise if that would have been the day of the Cruise.

Two weeks ago when I flew from MIA to ATL to CLT, my flight from Miami to Atlanta was late so I missed my connecting flight. From what I am hearing this is becoming more common and in July 2009 flights were late an extremely high percentage of the time.

We stayed the night at the Hawaii Prince Hotel at the Waikiki Marina. It is one of the closest Waikiki Hotels to the Airport, it is within 5 mins to the Cruise Ship, and we were able to walk to some beautiful beaches. We relaxed by the pool this morning, and we will go do some exploring prior to getting on the Pride of America. We do not have to be to the ship until 6PM so we will make the most out of our extra vacation day.

I fully recommend flying in a day early for all cruises. It makes the day of boarding the cruise a lot more enjoyable and you don’t take the risk of completely ruining your vacation by missing the boat!

Keep following on twitter for live photos all week from our NCL Hawaii Cruise!

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