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You Never Know

So Life took a sharp right turn the minute I got off the Celebrity Century on December 17th 2009. Over the last month, I hosted the Social Fresh Social Media Cruise on the Carnival Destiny, I was one of the first on the Oasis of the Seas (interviewed in the Miami Herald for Live Tweeting from the Inaugural), and completed a 5-day cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman on the Celebrity Century in which I taught other agents Social Media basics. It had been an almost perfect end to an incredible year. I was looking forward to getting home and spending time with the family. As soon as I got off the Celebrity Century, it all changed. I received a call from my Dad telling me that Mike, my brother, had fallen asleep behind the wheel of his truck and ran into a huge tree at 7:00 AM.

He crushed both ankles, lacerated his liver and spleen, and his head went partially through the windshield. He was not wearing a seatbelt. He’s very lucky to have lived through the crash. He had to be cut out of the truck and airlifted to the Charlotte Medical Center. I rushed to the airport and got on an earlier flight home. By the time I got on the flight home, all I knew was that he had been airlifted and that his legs were in very bad shape. Once I got to the Hospital, my brother was asleep on the bed with cuts all over his head and his legs covered in bandages. The Doctors were not sure if there was enough bone structure left to attempt to fix his ankles. My brother did not look anything like himself thanks to all the cuts and swollen head from the impact with the windshield. As of now, it was my worse day ever and I couldn’t even imagine being my brother.

Mike & JoJo at the Zoo a few weeks before the wreck

It is now Tuesday, December 22, 2009. Mike went through 4.5 hours of surgery yesterday and the doctors were positive about the results. They were able to get all the bones in the correct placement and now it is up to Mike’s body to heal properly. After surgery his heart rate remained extremely high, he was running a fever and of course was in excruciating pain. They moved him back into the Trauma Intensive Care Unit so that they could keep a closer eye on his situation. They got his Heart Rate and Fever back down by Midnight. Today, he is in full recovery mode with a slight possibility to be back home on Christmas Eve. Mike has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. Him being home for Christmas would make for a very special Christmas.

I share all this because I’ve shared all my good times of 2009 here on my blog, CruiseSource.us. The reality is that times are not always good. I wanted to explain why I had not gotten to my final reviews of the Celebrity Century, and to let you know that they are coming soon. Although it has been a tough week, I am truly blessed as we have had tons of prayers and well wishes from all of our friends online and offline. As you head into the Holiday Season and into the New Year, please remember how quickly loved ones can be taken from you or how fast things can dramatically change in your life. Going through this experience has given our family time to reflect about all the good times spent on family vacations and other shared life-experiences. At the end, all we have are memories. Having lots of memories from beach trips, sports, and other lifetime experiences has made this ordeal a little more bearable… I’m personally going in to 2010 living by the quote: dream like you are going to live forever; live like you are going to die today. Make it a point to spend more time with loved ones in 2010. Don’t keep putting off that family trip to Disney, Europe, cruise vacation, or whatever is on your list to do next. You never know when life may take a sharp turn on you.

Hold me to living 2010 to the fullest, subscribe to CruiseSource.us to remind you to check back in.

Leave a comment about what you’re not going to put off in 2010.



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Hyper-Inflation and Cruise Prices

There are currently two camps in Economic Circles…those who believe that we are about to see a 2 – 3 year run of Hyper Inflation and those who believe that Inflation cannot occur without wage inflation. They believe the Fact that we are at 10% unemployment could keep inflation from occurring.

I believe that we will see inflation thanks to the Fed printing money like crazy for the Bailouts, interest rates being close to zero, the government running up the biggest deficit by 3x, and with the value of the dollar starting to drop compared to other currencies. As momentum continues to push Metals, Basic Materials, Oil, etc. higher speculators will take advantage the momentum only causing the price of these commodities to go much higher.

Now why do I write all of this on a cruising blog? Because if you are planning on taking a cruise in 2010…I would book now to take advantage of the low rates. As the value of the dollar drops and the price of commodities drive inflation upward, the price of cruises will increase too. If you put down a risk-free fully refundable deposit now, you will secure the current rates.  So if you lock in a cruise for $1000 per person in 2010, that $1000 could be worth a lot less next year.  If that is the case the cruise will be selling for a lot more than $1000 per person.  In 2010, you will look like a genius for putting down a deposit and locking in a rate back in 2009.  Worse case scenario, I am wrong and the rates drop.  In most cases, prior to final payment you can cancel and rebook…plus most cruise lines honor rates if they drop, so you really have nothing to lose by locking rates now!


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Oasis of the Seas, Total Fact Sheet

Oasis of the Seas, Total Fact Sheet. 

Eric M., one of our AllStar agents completed a Total Fact Sheet on the Oasis of the Seas.  Email him @ Eric.Muhlitner@cruisedeals.com and he will send over the free total fact sheet.  I would have posted it on the blog but other agencies might steal Eric’s work.

Released on October 29th, 2009: Related Post – Oasis of the Seas Promo with On Board Credits.


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