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Major Snow Storm – Most Flights Cancelled

Charlotte Airport after Snow Storm 2010

Sitting at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, we are very fortunate that our flight is not cancelled. Most flights out of Charlotte have been cancelled, but our Lufthansa flight to Munich then on to Venice is on schedule. I can’t stress the importance of Travel Insurance for protecting your Cruise Vacation from the unkown. You can search the web and find that 99% of anyone who writes about travel recommends travel insurance. We were stressed about our flights, so I called Lufthansa multiple times in the last 24 hours and their service has been amazing!

I will be posting pictures, videos, and writing about our trip here at so stay tuned by subscribing in the top right hand corner of the blog! Happy Sailing ~ Rich Tucker


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Tropical Storm Danny, Cruise Forecast

The Weather Forecast for Tropical Storm Danny is provided by Brad Panovich, Chief Meteorologist at WCNC in Charlotte, NC. The Red Italics are the potential cruise impacts that go along with Brad’s forcast.

Tropical Storm Danny Track
Danny is a very weak and lopsided storm with most of the intense thunderstorms and winds on the east side of the circulation. Due to this it is likely that Danny’s center may reform further east under the stronger storms. That combined with a strong trough of low pressure and cold front moving across the continental U.S. will push Danny off to the Northeast. Meaning there will be a close call for the east coast. Main impact will likely be in New England and not the Carolinas.
Danny will likely strengthen to a minimal hurricane or a strong Tropical storm either way the impacts will be identical. Winds on the east side of the storms will be 65-75mph from late Friday through Sunday morning over most of the offshore waters of the Atlantic coast. Wave heights will be much lower than Bill raging from 4-8’ offshore and 3-6’ in the surf zones. Rip current risk will remain highs through the entire weekend along the entire length of the U.S. coast, Bahamas and Bermuda. Due to the fast movement of Danny all affects of the storms will be long gone by late Sunday. Chances are Danny may never make a direct landfall in the United States.

Wave forecast around Danny 4-8’

Wave Forcast around the storm 4 - 8 feet

Wave Forcast around the storm 4 - 8 feet


On our recent Hawaii Cruise, we ran through Tropical Storm Felicia and ran into waves 12 – 14 feet. 4 – 8 foot waves will be tolerable on a cruise ship.

Forecast Track from Wednesday Afternoon all the tracks stay offshore.

Forecast Track from Wednesday Afternoon all the tracks stay offshore.

 For those of you departing on cruises to all destinations from Baltimore, Bayonne, NYC, and Boston you will want to keep an eye on this storm as it could impact your departure times. 
The trough moving east will keep Danny away from the East Coast

The trough moving east will keep Danny away from the East Coast








Looking Ahead: Elsewhere in the Tropics a new tropical wave has emerged off the coast of Africa that is forecast to slowly develop into a tropical storm by early next week. There also is an increasing chance that an upper low and stalled front in the Gulf of Mexico could develop into a tropical storm next week as well. There will be rough seas and squally weather throughout the Gulf of Mexico through the weekend.

If you have a cruise booked for the week of September 5th, buy travel insurance now before this new development off of the Africa Coast becomes a named storm.  Once a storm is named you will not be covered from cancellations or interuptions cause by that storm.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. 

visible satellite picture late Weds. showing lots of storms in the Gulf.

visible satellite picture late Weds. showing lots of storms in the Gulf.

Lots of minor activity in the Gulf, but nothing that would ruin a vacation! 
Hurricane Cruise Forcast by:

Please comment if you have any Cruise or Storm Questions. Subscribe to to stay ahead of the Storm for your Cruise Vacations!


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Huricane Danny…Not Yet, Just Tropical Storm Danny

Hurricane Danny? Its a possibility. Amazing how fast things can change in the Atlantic this time of year. All I can say right now is for the East Coast to stay Alert as we now have TS Danny brewing in the Atlantic. Due to the newness and location of the Storm there are not any announced cruise impacts. Subscribe to to keep up with all Hurricane Cruise News and we will keep our fingers crossed that Danny will be like Bill and cause minimal impacts to Cruise Vacations.

If you were following along last week, I told you the importance of buying travel insurance before there was another named storm in the Atlantic because once a storm is named you are no longer protected from that storm for trip cancellation or interruption. If you have cruise that is a couple of weeks away, then go ahead and buy Travel Insurance now!

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Hurricane Bill dumps rain, Atlantic is Quiet

Today Hurricane Bill will be dumping rain on Nova Scotia and Newfoundland today. 3 – 5 inches which is pretty significant. Waves and rip currents from Bill have caused a few deaths, so for some their loved ones Bill will not soon be forgotten. As far as Cruise Vacations are concerned, there has been minimal impact to itineraries. Beside Bill the Atlantic is quiet. I do not care where you booked your cruise, if you have one booked between now November, this is a great time to add-on Travel Insurance. If you buy travel insurance after a storm is named, you will not be protected against trip delay or cancellation caused by that storm. So Buy insurance now, while there are not any named storms out there.

You can buy it from your travel agent, or call one of our agents to add on Insurance. Whatever you do, buy travel insurance.

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Hurricane Bill Grows More Powerful

While cruising during Hurricane Season is popular with those of us in the industry because that is when we can find the best deals for ourselves, it can also be stressful. By the way, we all buy travel insurance. Hurricane Bill is now a large Category 4 Storm that is forecast to eventually swipe the Canadian Coast. This is currently good news for Caribbean Cruises. But it is stressful to have such a large storm churning so close to the islands. Hopefully, the forecasts are correct and Hurricane Bill will miss the Caribbean Islands and Bermuda. As of now, my Hurricane Cruise Tracker page with impacts to all cruise itineraries remains the same as yesterday.

Norwegian Cruise Line has made references that with Hurricane Bill’s current Projected Path some of their Bermuda Itineraries may be impacted. Due to the unpredictability of these storms, the cruise lines do not like to make changes until they have too. If you have specific questions about your upcoming cruise please leave them in the comments. I will respond quickly. Otherwise subscribe to to stay on top of up-to-date Hurricane Cruise News.

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Hurricane Update – No News is Good News!

Hurricane Bill is strengthening, but it is projected to turn northward. The sooner the better for the East Coast. Bill could be one of those very rare Hurricanes that hits Bermuda, but only time will tell. As of now, the update from last night on the Cruise Hurricane Tracker remains the same…no new impacts.

You have a Cruise Booked during hurricane season? Stress less and buy travel insurance from your agent or call 800.668.6414 to add insurance to your booking. Also, subscribe to to stay ahead of the Hurricane Cruise News.

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Hurricane Ike – Not Good

Hurricane Ike looks like it is going to cause more issues for cruises than Hannah or Gustav due to its strength and project path. My brother and sister in-law are booked on their first cruise,the NCL Sky departing out of Miami on 9/8. It was originally supposed to go to the Bahamas, although I doubt that it will go to the bahamas. I am not a meteorologist, so what I think does not really matter. But I think the 9/8 cruise will get out of Miami before Ike gets there but that it will go to Cozumel instead of the bahamas. Either way they are stressed out because ofthe unknown, and I understand. There are thousands of people in the same boat, no pun intended. As I told them, relax! We have no control over the upcoming storms and the projected path has a huge variance, so there is no telling where the hurricane may be in two days. Keep checking the Hurricane Tracking Page here at CruiseSource to see which itineraries have changed. Stressing about the storm will do no good because it is completely out of our control.


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