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NCL PEARL – new Photos on Flickr

I just set up an account on Flickr to upload the rest of our photos from the 9 nt. Southern Caribbean Cruise on the NCL Pearl.   I still have more photos to upload to Flickr from the trip.  Most of them are out there, but it took awhile to get it all set up.  Just click on the pics on the right side of the blog to pull up all of the photos. 


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Photos: NCL Pearl Private Courtyard

On the NCL Pearl, we were given a tour of the private courtyard pool/area.  We were able to take pictures and they are posted below.  The Private Courtyard area is shared by the Courtyard Villas, Owners Suite, and the extremely luxurious Garden Villa Suites.  Norwegian Cruise Lines has set itself apart with this “exclusive”  set up.  If you are a recognizable athelete, actor, politician, rockstar, etc. , and you would like privacy so you can fully relax on a cruise vacation; I would recommend one of the suites that share the private courtyard on one fo the NCL Jewel Class of ships.  Checkout the pictures below and leave a comment if you have any questions.  Email me if you would like a quick quote on one of the suites:

Click to see Photos:

Courtyard Pool

View of the Courtyard Pool from above

Private Courtyard Hot Tub

Hammocks on the Private Sun Deck

Private Gym


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Sprint Cell – Charges from Cruise

On my NCL cruise, I did pre-cruise research to find out how much it would cost to use my cell phone to call home.  This was a major concern for us because we left behind a 6 year old with a very busy schedule and our 5 month old baby girl.  

We did not want to spend too much money calling home, but we could not go too long without hearing that everything was going fine.  So, I called Sprint prior to leaving for the cruise.  I could not get anyone who could give me a straight answer on how to minimize my costs calling home on my cell phone.  I was told by one agent at Sprint that if I call from the Cruise Ship and my phone was roaming that I would get charged $2.49 per minute on my cell phone bill by the cruise line.   

On the cruise we kept the talking to a minimum.  This made my wife fairly miserable.  I got my cell phone bill today, and it looks like all of the Roaming was included in my Plan.   While in Antigua and Tortola, we were able to make the calls without roaming….so we did not think those calls would be charged.  We have the Sprint Fair and Flexible Plan and it has America Roaming – Included.   The phone calls we made from the ship do appear to be getting charged for roaming.  So instead of paying $25 for the calls we made, I have no additional charges.  We could have called home alot more….

This is just my experience with Sprint on my cruise.  If you are cruising, I would try calling sprint and asking for yourself.  We were very conservative with our calls and now wish we would have used the phone more.  If any of you who visit have similar or different experiences with your cell phone company while cruising please share with comments.  ~Happy Sailing

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Day 4, TORTOLA bvi, NCL Pearl

Last night the seas were pretty high.  Jess stayed in the cabin and I went to casino.  I won $5 after 4 hours of play…Today, we were in Tortola.  A great place to just get off the ship and catch a cab to the beach.  We went to Cane Garden Bay.   There were 3 ships in port, so this beach was fairly crowded.  Do some research before the cruise and you may be able to find another beach that is more deserted.  We spent $35 for chairs, taxi rides, and a bucket of beer.  Very well worth it. 

This morning we got the  tour of the courtyard villas.  We took many pictures of the courtyard area.  One of the families staying in the garden villa, 4000 sq ft. 3 bedroom suite, let us take the tour of their suite and take pictures.  The defintion of exclusive, immaculate, and luxury.  I cannot wait to get the photos uploaded to the site. 

We have very limited time on the internet so I gotta go.  We miss everyone at home!  I will be posting a very detailed review when I get home so keep a look out for that later in December.  Happy Sailing~  

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NCL Pearl 9 night Southern Caribbean

The Cruise that I am going on and that I wrote about in an earlier post NCL PEARL 11.30.2007 has dropped to an amazingly low rate.  Down to  $495 per person…Anyone who read the first post and thought that you would like to go on that cruise now is the time to book it.   9 nts. on a brand new ship, with the best itinerary of the year at this low rate plus I will be on the ship….Call me at 800.668.6414 ext. 151 for more information. 

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Norwegian Spirit: 8nt NYC to Bermuda and Caribbean

Either before or after reading this review on the NCL Spirit, please read my rules on reading ship reviews.  

This review was written shortly after the cruise late summer in 2007:

Okay after being back a day and trying to get caught up, I thought I would try to type up a quick review of the NCL Spirit and the whole “freestyle” cruising.

I met so many wonderful people, both crew and passengers.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The itinerary was from New York to the Eastern Caribbean 8 nights including Bermuda (surprisingly my favorite), Tortola and St. Thomas .   

In regards to the Freestyle cruising, I spoke with a lot of people and overheard a lot of conversations regarding this and most of the response were the same, They did not like it.  I was once again surprised that I didn’t like it.  I thought I would like going to dinner any time I liked, but you really loose that personal touch from the wait staff.  It showed in their service as well.  They were running around crazy and a lot of times you had to wait for a table, then you had to wait for your water glass then even your water.   On the Spirit they have 2 dining rooms, Windows and The Garden Room, but you can also go to La Trattoria (specialty) restaurant which does not have a service fee.  We (my niece is the person that came along with me) went there and again the service was very poor.  The food was good, nothing spectacular, but good.   I did not try any of the other specialty restaurants, they were just too over priced for me, unless you make a reservation after 830pm then it’s half price.  But I can’t see eating that late.   Some of the people that me met told us  when they went to Le Bistro (French) they had the $20 cover charge, but if they wanted the really good authentic cuisines it was an additional charge on top of that!!  I did make a reservation for Teppanyaki for lunch, since they didn’t have anything available at a decent time for dinner.  However, I ended up canceling after talking it over with my niece, we decided that paying the same $20 per person for lunch was ridiculous.  I heard from other passengers they had gone for lunch and they regretted it,  it just wasn’t the same type of atmosphere as it is during dinner.  That was the other reason I canceled, I didn’t think it would be the same.  They really need to lower the price for lunch.  

The shows on the ship were good.  I was a little disappointed that the NCL performers only did 2 shows. But we found out on the last night from the manager of the dancers (he gave 4 of us a backstage tour…amazing!) that they had just canceled their 3rd show the week before.   The other shows were really good.  The adult only shows were hilarious.   The only problem with the shows were the times.  They had about 3 shows where there was just one performance.  That made it very difficult for dinner and for getting seats in the theater.  It’s not necessarily true that they always have 2 shows.  Some complaints about that.

The crew, they were WONDERFUL.  They were so polite and a lot of fun. I met some many of them and they remember my name when passing by.  That’s a nice feeling. 

Activities on the ship. This is a difficult one.  This was the first cruise I have been on during the summer months and let me tell you it was LOADED with kids!  Which was good for me to see how the cruise line handled them.  Our cabin was actually located right next to the kids center.   They have a great center and program for the younger kids.  Now for the teenagers, different story.  There is a video arcade, they get bored with that very easily and there is a very very small disco behind the arcade, which wasn’t open every night.  They just didn’t have anything for these teenagers to do in the evening.  One night the kids were running down the hall knocking on cabin doors and running away.  Another night, they were running around kicking over the “caution water floor” signs.  All this took place around midnight or later.   They do have a larger disco up on deck 13, just for teenagers, because they had a sign up the would not allow parents in unless they were meeting their kids.  But, then they put a restriction on the age of the kids, anyone under 18 couldn’t be there past 11pm.  Well, what’s the point in that?!  They’re on a ship, they’re not going anywhere beside causing trouble!

Aside from the lack of children/teenage activities, they did have the regular cruise activities to do. BINGO anyone!  Pool games, tarot card reading (I did this), Murder Mystery Dinner (that was fun, we were the characters), etc.

I’m going on the NCL Jewel in December after her renovations, so I’ll be curious to do a comparison between the 2.  

As far as departing from NYC.  We got to the cruise terminal about 11am, we were on the ship right about 115pm.  I had paid for the transfers with NCL back to LGA and that was not very organized, but that’s not a reflection on NCL, that has to do with the people outside.  We got back into port around 930am, a little early.  But they started disembarking about 10am. We were off about 1015am.  Our flight was schedule for 455pm.  When we got to the airport the line was down the sidewalk just to check in the luggage. I would say, if a client books a flight around 1pm, they will be pushing it.  I would recommend at least a 2pm flight when departing from LGA, now departing from JFK or EWR they would need to allow for even more time.

Michelle S.

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