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We are home!!!! NCL Pearl Cruise

For any of you following along with the posts on our NCL Pearl Cruise, you may have noticed that the posts stopped on day 7. 

On our cruise, the Norovirus was going around.  Simon, the comical cruise director was telling everyone from about day 3 or 4 that there were some cases on board and that everyone needed to sanitize extra often.  The also stopped allowing self service at the buffet lines.  

On day 7, Jess got the virus.   We went to the medical station and she received a shot.  NCL did not charge for the Dr.’s visit.  We both were confined to our room for a minimum of 24 hours.   After 24 hours, Jess was much better and I never got any of the symptoms.   Since we only had one day left on the cruise and we wanted to make the most out of it I did not post on Day 8.  

On the last full day at sea, Jess and I were invited to a private party in the Garden Villa.  We met the family who was staying there during our earlier tour of the courtyard villas and the courtyard pool.  They invited us to a cocktail party with a few other people they had met on the cruise.   I will be posting a last final recap of the whole cruise with lots of pictures.  The Garden Villa is 4000 sq ft. of luxury.  I do not think any cruise line has a suite that can match the Garden Villas on the Jewel class of NCL ship.    

On Disembarkation day, we did the “freestyle” disembarkation.   Basically, we did not leave our bags out at night and carried them off the ship ourselves.  This gave us the flexibility to leave the ship anytime between 7:30 and 9:30 AM.  Getting off the ship and into a taxi took less than 30 minutes.  

We got a cab ride to Miami Airport for $9 per person.  When we got to the airport, it was a mess.  Five Cruise Ships disembarked in Miami on Sunday.  1000s of people were in different lines and a lot of people did not even know where their line was headed.  It was a nightmare.  It took us 2 hours to get checked in and to arrive at our terminal.  If you are flying in and out of Miami give yourself alot of time.   I will most likely use Ft. Lauderdale airport the next time I cruise out of Miami. 

Our flight was delayed for 2 hours due to mechanical problems, but luckily it did not get cancelled.  We flew on American Eagle, which I do not recommend…pay extra if you have to not to fly on American Eagle.   They lost our luggage and on every flight out of Miami they were taking volunteers to get off for weight distrubution.  On one occassion, they did not have enough volunteers, so they left 2 people off the flight.  They had take a flight on the following day. 

We are home!!!  We really enjoyed the cruise.  I Learned a lot for future cruisers going to the Southern Caribbean, NCL, the Pearl, security, money saving techniques while on the cruise….But 9 days was a little too long for us to leave behind our 6 month old baby and our 1st grader son.  Thanks to wonderful families babysitting, we got to go.   Keep an eye out for future posts about this sailing with pictures…as soon as get a moment to upload them.   ~ Happy Sailing



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Day 6, Barbados: NCL Pearl Cruise

We arrived this morning at 9:30 AM in Barbados.  We did not have to be back at the ship until 6:00 PM.  So we were planning on a long, relaxing day at the beach.  We went to the Blue Monkey.  This is the beach that the Taxi Drivers recommend.  Of course this beach is overcrowded with all of the people on the cruise ships.  We had The Carnival Destiny and the Cunard Queen Mary 2 in port with us.    After about 1 hour at the beach it started pouring down rain.  After an hour of rain we headed back to the Ship Terminal for some shopping.  It rained all day, so after shopping we went bowling on the Pearl.   The crew members we talked to while bowling recommended Malibu Beach on Barbados.  Unfortunately, due to the rain my only recommendation in Barbados is not to go to the beach in front of the Blue Monkey. 

We had a blast bowling, ate early, and went to see the best show I have seen at on a cruise ship.  The show is a two team comedy juggling act named Sharkbait.  Very funny and thouroughly entertaining.  I am not a big “show” guy on cruises.  But on the Pearl, I have been impressed and entertain by the entertainment.  

Jess is playing Bingo right now…. I need to go see if we are $10,000 richer.  We are hoping for better weather tomorrow in St. Lucia…but if not I am sure we will find something fun to do.  ~happy sailing!


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NCL PEARL: 12 Days to go to the Cruise

 We only have 12 days to go before we go on the cruise

We are going on the 9 night Southern Caribbean NCL Pearl.  I will be posting daily from the cruise.  The ship has an internet cafe and Wi/Fi.   I think it is exciting to know I will be able to give a daily review of the cruise experience while also being able to communicate with family, friends, and clients.

I just completed the online registration and printed our E-Tickets.  Most cruise lines have went in the direction of Electronic Documents.   Most people like E-Documents.  They are used to it from the airlines.  But some long time cruisers get upset that they do not get ticket booklets.   With technology and trying to cut cost the cruise lines have opted for this direction.   For Cruising, The online registration at the cruise lines website has become a requirement.   In some cases, you cannot print the boarding passes without completing the online registration.    For my cruise all is set, now we just have to wait 12 days.   Happy Sailing~

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NCL Pearl 9 night Southern Caribbean

The Cruise that I am going on and that I wrote about in an earlier post NCL PEARL 11.30.2007 has dropped to an amazingly low rate.  Down to  $495 per person…Anyone who read the first post and thought that you would like to go on that cruise now is the time to book it.   9 nts. on a brand new ship, with the best itinerary of the year at this low rate plus I will be on the ship….Call me at 800.668.6414 ext. 151 for more information. 

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Next Cruise: NCL Pearl 11.30.07 Southern Caribbean

My wife and I are now looking forward to the 9 night cruise on the NCL Pearl.   I always have to have at least one cruise or trip that I have to look forward to.  This trip in particular has us very excited. 

Norwegian Cruise Lines is the most innovative in the industry.   Freestyle Dining???  The other cruise lines laughed at this concept when Norwegian first introduced it.  Now several of the cruise lines offer their own version of freestyle dining due its growing popularity. 

This will be my first on-board NCL experience.  I do take a phone call or two from clients returning from an NCL cruise with mild complaints, a little more than the other cruise lines.   But out of all the ships out there, two of the ships I get the most calls from clients raving about how awesome their experience was on the ship is the NCL Pearl and NCL Jewel. 

The Pearl is the newest NCL ship.  It boasts the only bowling lanes at Sea.  Advice from my clients is to make one of your first stops on the ship the bowling alley so you can sign up ahead of time for time on the lane.  The recommended doing after dinner one night, because the Bowling Lanes is connected to the night club.  We will be following this advice. 

This is a 9 nt cruise that leaves out of Miami.  She will stop in Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, Antigua, and Tortola.   It is one of the best Caribbean itineraries embarking out of Miami. 

If sailing the 9 nt on the NCL Pearl toward the end of 2007 interests you, click here to check out the rates.  Call me and I will be able find you save you some money from the current published rates for these sailings.   

Since 2006, when the Pearl did a similar itinerary prior to heading up to Alaska, I have been wanting to go on this cruise.   One of the newest most innovative ships doing one of the best Caribbean itineraries.  No Brainer!!!!

Part Two of My Next Cruise:  Which Shore Excursions we will be Doing…

If you have been to any of these Islands and had an awesome experience doing an excursion please post it here for me and other cruisers learn about.  If you have been on the NCL Pearl and have suggestions or feedback please post that too.   

As of 10.10.2007 the rate have dropped on this sailing, Check out this link for details: 11.30.07 NCL PEARL


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