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Costa Deliziosa Videos

Costa Deliziosa Videos: I’ve been slowly updating the CruiseSource Youtube Station with short, raw videos from the Costa Deliziosa Inaugural Event. The primary purpose of the videos is to give those of you thinking about booking the Deliziosa an idea of the decor, design, and the entertainment on the ship. If a picture is a worth a 1000 words then a video should be worth 10,000 words. Below, I’ve embedded a few of the Costa Deliziosa Videos. Please visit CruiseSource TV on Youtube to see all the videos of the Deliziosa and many other cruiseships.

Costa Deliziosa Golf Simulator Video

Costa Deliziosa Atrium Video with Musicians

Costa Deliziosa Video: Mini-Suite

Check out the Full Costa Deliziosa Review.


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Costa Deliziosa, CruiseSource Review

Famous Costa SmokeStack

Costa Deliziosa

The Costa Deliziosa is a Premium Italian cruise ship designed by legendary architect and designer Joe Farcus. The Deliziosa represents Farcus’s best work yet. I loved all the beautiful marble, tile, and wood intertwined with the patterns and lighting comparable to a Carnival Cruise Ship. The Food: The Dinners on the Deliziosa were excellent with a variety of offerings from authentic Italian pastas, veal, steak, seafood and more creative dishes like rabbit & pigeon. I’d categorize the Costa Deliziosa’s dinners in the main dining room as premium thanks to the presentation, quality, flavors, and service. It’s tough to go to Italy without enjoying some Italian Wine and Costa offers an incredible selection. We didn’t get an opportunity to eat at the Deliziosa’s only specialty restaurant, Club Deliziosa. Club Deliziosa offers a more intimate setting with an ala carte menu with the average ticket price of $30 per person. On the inaugural sailing, the Costa Deliziosa’s Breakfast & Lunch buffets were not on the same level as their impressive dinners. Of course, the pizza which was available almost 24/7 was delicious.

OnBoard Entertainment
The Deliziosa offered some cool twists to onboard entertainment. The 4-D cinema sits 20 with 3D visual effects, motion, and other sensory effects to give the viewer the feeling that they are part of the movie. They offer a F1 racing simulator and the best golf simulator at sea. On the Costa Deliziosa’s Sports Deck, passengers can put the Quadline Skorpian Skates over their shoes and skate around the Costa Smokestack. They also offer the only Sugar Cafeteria at Sea with a chocolate fountain for dipping an assortment of fruits. The chocolate covered bananas and figs were my favorites.

Costa Deliziosa Chocolate Fountain - Sugar Cafeteria

The live musicians playing harps, violins, saxophones and pianos found in the atrium, the lounges, and the piano bar were some of the best I’ve found on one cruiseship. We attended one of the after dinner shows which was a musical variety show… it is rare that I find musicals to keep my attention and this was not any different.  

Club Deliziosa - Specialty Restaurant

Authentic European Experience
If sailing outside the Caribbean on Costa Cruise Line, Italian is the primary language. The Cruise Director as well as most of the staff speak multiple languages and most announcements are repeated in several languages. Costa Cruise Lines send all of their onboard employees to training before working on ships to learn the basics of the Italian language and culture.

The Costa Deliziosa will be sailing to the safe regions of the Middle East for the next few months and then she we will be completing Northern European Voyages.

Is Costa Cruise Line in Europe & Middle East for you: When you travel abroad do you like to fully immerse yourself in the European Experience? Do you mind if Americans are in the minority on the ship? If you are looking for an authentic European Cruise Vacation then I fully recommend Costa Cruise Line for you. If you want to tip-toe in the European Experience when off the Cruise Ship and be able to re-enter an Americanized Cruiseship then Costa is not the Cruise Line for you.

Full Disclosure: I work for and we sell Costa Cruises along with all other Major Cruise Lines.  Want to Checkout Costa Deliziosa for yourself? Click here to Check all the 2010 Costa Deliziosa departures. The Inaugural Event was an industry event and was non-revenue generating for Costa (except for the few Euro I lost in the Casino)… For a second opinion, Check out the review of the Costa Deliziosa written by my friend Ralph Grizzle, The Avid Cruiser. ~ Happy Sailing, Rich Tucker

If you have questions about Costa Cruise Line or the Deliziosa please leave a comment.


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Costa Deliziosa Inaugural Event – Pics

We are in Genova Italy, staying at the amazing Bentley Hotel. I am uploading pictures to Flickr of our tour in Florence Italy, my favorite tour of the trip. While those pictures are uploading I wanted to get some of my favorite pictures of the Costa Deliziosa Inaugural Event in a Blog Post on

Costa Deliziosa - Sexy Time Disco

Costa Deliziosa - Chocolate at the Sugar Cafeteria

Costa Deliziosa - Delicious Scallop Appetizer

Costa Deliziosa - Retractable-Roof Pool

Costa Deliziosa in Lights

Skorpian RollerSkates on Costa Deliziosa

See all our Costa Deliziosa Photos.

Full Disclosure: I write because I find cruising to be infectious … My full-time gig is as’s Business Development Specialist and we sell the Costa Deliziosa at the best prices on the Internets. Search all of Costa Deliziosa’s 2010 Dubai, Northern Europe, and Mediterranean Voyages.

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Costa Deliziosa – Inaugural Event Update

It is 4:30 AM on the brand new Costa Deliziosa. I woke up wide awake…feeling guilty for neglecting by not writing a blog post in two days. I’ve been uploading photos to Flickr from Italy and the Costa Deliziosa. I swear, We have been constantly on the go and I have the pics and videos to prove it! Unfortunately haven’t had the time to get them all up on the internet. On these inaugural events, we try to experience the entire ship in a short period of time. Since this is our first time to Italy, we are also trying to experience as much of the destination as possible. So far we have toured Venice and Naples. This morning we will be exploring Florence and Pisa. What makes Costa different is that when get back on the ship, you feel like you are still in Italy. Most Americans have not heard of Costa, although in the last 9 months they have launched 3 brand new ships, the Pacifica, Luminousa, and now the Deliziosa. I’ve heard that this a record. The Deliziosa is a Joe Farcus designed vessel with lot of Marble, Wood, and a very sensual undertone. It is the Italian Premium FUN Ships. The size and layout of the ship is similar to the Carnival Spirit class of ships. This Italian Itinerary is an opportunity for as much of the country to get to see and visit the ship before she leaves for Dubai. The Deliziosa will be completing 7-night Middle Eastern runs roundtrip Dubai for several months and then she will settle in on a 7-night northern European Itinerary.

Back to bed for me, hopefully I can get an hour more of sleep before we disembark in Livorno.

Jess & Rich with Joe & Jean Farcus on the Costa Deliziosa

Sax Player in the Multi-Level Disco Bar

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Major Snow Storm – Most Flights Cancelled

Charlotte Airport after Snow Storm 2010

Sitting at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, we are very fortunate that our flight is not cancelled. Most flights out of Charlotte have been cancelled, but our Lufthansa flight to Munich then on to Venice is on schedule. I can’t stress the importance of Travel Insurance for protecting your Cruise Vacation from the unkown. You can search the web and find that 99% of anyone who writes about travel recommends travel insurance. We were stressed about our flights, so I called Lufthansa multiple times in the last 24 hours and their service has been amazing!

I will be posting pictures, videos, and writing about our trip here at so stay tuned by subscribing in the top right hand corner of the blog! Happy Sailing ~ Rich Tucker

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Leaving on a Jet Plane – Costa Deliziosa

Tomorrow is the big day!!  We’re flying out of Charlotte to Venice, Italy!  This is our first trip to Italy, and we’re excited (as if you couldn’t tell from my use of exclamation points).  Our luck with weather, not so good.  Last year for our Hawaii Cruise, we encountered the first Hawaiian Hurricane in decades.   Now, we have to deal with the chance of 1 – 3 inches of snow in Charlotte by the time our flight takes off tomorrow.  3 inches of snow pretty much shuts down Charlotte, NC.   From lost luggage to weather and accidents, Jess and I are the poster childs for the benefits of Travel Insurance.  But the unknown makes travel exciting, and the insurance makes it the unknown not as risky for our finances.

I’ll feel much better once I’m seated on our 10 hour flight to Europe tomorrow.  We’ll be among the first passengers as the Costa Deliziosa takes her Inaugural Tour around Italy!  We have tours of Venice, Naples, Livorno, and Savona. 

Naples, Italy here we come!!

Make sure you don’t miss out on our pictures and video from the Costa Deliziosa, subscribe to in the top right hand corner of this page.  Go ahead and Checkout our exclusive rates on the Costa Deliziosa 2010 Dubai departures and Northern Europe sailings.

Full Disclosure. This inaugural event is not a revenue generating sailing for the Cruise Line, therefore no one attending the event has to pay to go on the cruise.

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Costa Deliziosa – Inaugural

Jess and I are preparing to leave for the Costa Deliziosa Inaugural cruise departing Venice on February 1, 2010.  I’ve cruised on several inaugural sailings: the Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, & the Oasis of the Seas.  All of these inaugural events occurred after the ships crossed the Atlantic.  The Costa Deliziosa will be special because Costa is taking ownership of the Deliziosa from the Marghera (Venice) Shipyard on January 29th and we will be among her first passengers on January 31st.   We’ll be giving her a spin up around the Italian Coast, visiting Naples, Livorno, and Savona.  Jess is excited because Italy is her dream destination and she can’t believe we are actually leaving in 4 days… I’m a cruise geek so I am excited about being among the first passengers on the Costa Deliziosa.  And I’m excited to experience Costa Cruise Lines for the first time.  Of course I will be tweeting from the Deliziosa.  I’ll be one of the first to upload pictures and videos from the ship.  The Features of the Costa Deliziosa:


92,600 gross tons

2,260 Double Occupancy Capacity

Along with her sister ship, the Costa Luminosa, she will be the fleet’s “flagship,” offering the most exclusive and innovative elements in the fleet, designed for Costa’s most discerning clientele.

  • These innovations include the ship’s avant-garde design and the use of premium materials, such as various type of marbles, granite, mother-of-pearl and Murano glass, stucco applied by spatula using the technique known as “spatolato veneziano” and other decorative interior finishes including “parchment scroll” lamé, refined Zebrano wood and Wenge timber.
  • The stunning atrium features fine works of art, including “Sphere” by Arnaldo Pomodoro and a piece by Mario Donizetti.
  • A 4-D cinema, where sight, sound, touch and scent come together to form a multisensory experience for guests. It also features seats that roll in tandem with action as it unfolds onscreen.
  • A rollerskating track will allow guests to try roller skating with strap-and-go “Skorpion” skates that attach to one’s shoes.
  • The golf simulator, where guests will be able to play golf in one of the world’s top 37 most famous golf courses while at sea.
  • A Grand Prix race car driving simulator, one of the most accurate representations of Formula One racing available.
  • PlayStation World areas, exclusive dedicated areas equipped with PS3 consoles and the latest-generation videogames. Themed evenings and challenges on a mega-screen overlooking the pool deck will also be planned with PlayStation and guests may enjoy PS3 games from the comfort of their cabin with on-demand games for rent.
  • The exclusive “Samsara Spa” wellness center, complete with cabins featuring direct access to the spa and Technogym Kinesis rooms.
  • The à la carte restaurant Club Deliziosa will feature the very best traditional Italian cuisine and quality ingredients with menus created by Ettore Bocchia, Executive Chef at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio and a Michelin-Star restaurateur.
  • An exclusive wine selection includes Amarone Stella Aneri Special Reserve 2004, a limited edition wine produced and matured in 15 barrels set aside for Costa’s ships.
  • Entertainment options include the lounge acts in the Excite Piano Bar, dancing in the Sharãzãd disco, a chocolate bar in the Sugar Cafeteria, the Tabac Blonde Cigar Lounge, and Broadway-style revues in the Duse Theatre.


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