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Christmas Gift: Spring Break Cruise

I was looking through old pictures over the weekend and came across some of my favorite college memories. As a college student dedicated to studying and playing intramural sports during the week and partying on the weekends, Spring Breaks were the highlight of my college career. It was a chance to get-a-way to warmer weather before Spring took hold in Atlanta, GA. It was the best opportunity each year to meet girls not from my University. It gave me something to look forward to when the stress would buildup from the schoolwork and it gave me extra motivation in the Gym through the winter months.

Photo by Adrants

During this time of year, I’m always reminded of Spring Break because I would’ve never been able to go on Spring Break if I did not ask for it as my Christmas gift from my parents. So, for 3 years on Christmas Day all I had under the Tree was a Card that said Merry Christmas Enjoy Spring Break!

My parents thought I was foolish to only want Spring Break for Christmas, but they’d never experienced the craziness that is College Spring Break. I was getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I would never be able to duplicate after I graduated college. Asking for Spring Break as my Christmas gift was the only way I could afford Spring Break because I only worked a few hours each week. Back then, I didn’t realize that those who book Spring Break trips in December are the ones who get the best deals because rates typically start to go up at the first of the year. I just got lucky. Do you have any suggestions for how to Pay for Spring Break, leave a comment!

Photo by Adrants

For Spring Break 2010, we’ve teamed up with the best Party Promoters in the Southeast to bring you the Carolina Night Life Spring Break Party Cruise. Get Santa to pay for it today, so that you get Santa the lowest rate possible and you ensure your spot on the biggest party at Sea. Book now, call Kelly @ 800.668.6414 ext. 148.


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Awesome Atlantis advice for Bahamas Cruisers

The Atlantis in the Bahamas

The Atlantis in the Bahamas









Eric Muhlitner, one of’s exceptional cruise consultants, offers great advice to his clients so that can make the most out of their cruise vacation. In return, his client share their knowledge like this awesome nugget for getting the most out of the Atlantis for the best price.

Basically, after they book their cruise they book a hotel room at the Atlantis Comfort Inn and Suites. They Pay around $179 and can get 4 – 5 bracelets to Atlantis. Those bracelets typically cost $100+ each. So this advice can save you $400 plus you have a room to freshen up in and keep your stuff. Here are some more of the details:

“We always tell them our flight(aka cruise) gets in early like 8am, and they go ahead give us our bracelets for access to Atlantis at that time so we have a full day there open to close at the water parks, Bonus-if you are staying at the Comfort Inn and Suites there is a free Happy Hour at their pool from 5-7 with free beer/wine. And you can go and check in anytime after 3 if you want, get the key and change/shower in the room for whatever you want to do that night. We take 2 backpacks(change of clothes/sunscreen, goggles because the hotel has towels/hairdryer/shampoo) with our stuff in it so that it is easy to tote around Atlantis’ huge water park area. With the bracelets you have unlimited access to the water parks, the dig, pretty much everything. And the ship stays over night, so you can really explore the Atlantis property! Hope I’ve explained what we do well enough!” From Client TS

To book your room at the Atlantis, or to get this kind of advice on any Cruise Vacation, call Eric to book your cruise: 800.668.6414 ext. 146

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Carnival Destiny – May 28th, 2009

Carnival Destiny FUN

Carnival Destiny FUN

I cruised on the The Carnival Destiny last year in October. Out of all the ships doing 4 – 5 night itineraries, it is the youngest and largest. On May 28th, the Destiny is going to Key West and the Bahamas for 4 nights. May 28th is a Thursday. So it goes from Thursday – Sunday. I that this cruise is setting up to have the potential of being one of the funnest cruises of the year. It is over the weekend and because of the last minute itinerary change the cruise is currently selling for $229 per person. This rate will be available until end of day on May 14th, 2009.
I think that this particular has potential to be one of the funnest cruises of the year is because of the FUN itinerary of Nassau and Key West plus the fact that it is very affordable for the 25 – 30 year olds. The younger crowd on the the Carnival Destiny, the best ship doing short itineraries, should be a blast. For those of you who are 22 – 35 looking to getaway on a short, fun vacation…this is it. Click here to check out current rates.

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Quick Guide to First Time Cruise Destinations

Many first-time cruisers take their first cruise from the closest port to their home. Cruising is a great vacation value. It is an even better value if you are within driving distance of the port. Being able to get to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico, and Central America from many states on the East and Gulf Coasts on a cruise ship for a little more than the cost of what the flight would cost draws many people to going on their first cruise.

In some cases, people have life-long dreams of going to destinations which are very well suited for cruising. Alaska, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Tahiti, South America\ Antarctica, or the Galapagos Islands are great examples of destinations which are well suited for Cruising. In order to see as much as possible of these destinations in a short period of time many people choose to explore it on a cruise vacation.

When choosing your first cruise to do not make the decision as if this is going to be the only cruise you will ever take. You will get all stressed out about the options. Over 60% of all people on a cruise are past cruisers and you will be an experienced cruiser within a couple of years!

Here is a quick guide to destinations:

Bahamas – Great for quick getaways. Touristy, Casinos, Beaches, shopping, bars, and offers most of the ‘typical’ water shore excursions. Most Cruise lines have a private island in the Bahamas that is included on the Bahamas Itinerary. These private islands have the feel of their cruise line. The private islands are more relaxing than some of the Islands because you do not have locals trying to sell you stuff while relaxing on the beach.

Western Caribbean – More adventurous than the Eastern Caribbean. Western Caribbean Ports includes ports like Jamaica, Cozumel MX, Belize, Costa Maya MX, etc.

Eastern Caribbean – Loved by those looking for shopping and beaches. Most Islands in the Eastern Caribbean offer excursions like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, Stingrays etc.

Mexican Riveria – Departing from California, Mexico is about your only options for 3 – 10 night cruises. Cabo san Lucas is great for Deep Fishing, Shopping, Drinking at Cabo Wabo. Puerto Vallarta has ATV tours and Zip lining which both usually sell out. Mazatlan which is included in most 7-night itineraries is one of my least favorite ports, but Cabo and Puerto Vallarta make up for it.

Use our Easy to use Map to find the best deals for cruises leaving from the ports closest to your home.

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NCL Sky Review – @Toryn, Winner of our Cruise Contest on Twitter

@Toryn, the winner of the Free Cruise in the first Twitter Cruise Contest just returned from her vacation on the NCL Sky. We held the contest in November 2008 and Toryn cruised on February 22nd, 2009 in a Balcony Cabin on the NCL Sky. Follow @CruiseSource on Twitter to win our next Cruise Giveaway. Here is her review from the Norwegian Sky 4 night Bahama’s Cruise:

Monday we left for Miami; it was very similar our last trip- same airline (American), same type of plane (small regional jets), same landing area (out away from the terminal, having to take a little bus to get inside), but this flight left a few hours later, meaning we didn’t have to leave for the airport at ungodly hour, and we also didn’t have to wait around when we got to the ship. The only negative part of the trip happened as soon as we got to the port. The porter who was supposed to take our suitcase was very rude, and wouldn’t accept the cabin number I told him. I was reading right off a paper I’d downloaded as part of my e-docs. He told us we’d have to carry the suitcase on ourselves, and I really didn’t want to do that. We got up to the entrance to the NCL terminal, and the person there, an actual NCL employee (porters work for the port itself) asked if we wanted to check our suitcase, and by this time I was crying and upset. He looked up our room number on a passenger list, and we got a new tag to fill out and sent our suitcase on its way. After that was taken care of, things went smoothly for the rest of the trip.

We checked in, boarded, received a free glass of champagne, and went directly to Deck 11 for lunch. Then, after 2PM, we were able to see our room. The room was smaller, a little smaller than what we’ve been used to with Carnival, but it did have a balcony, and was very cutely decorated. We laid down for a little while until lifeboat drill. After the drill was sailaway, so we went back up to Deck 11 for drinks and they were also grilling hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken right there next to the pool, so we had something to eat. This is the second cruise in a row where our room has been one deck below the deck where the pool, buffets, and other activities are, and I am getting very spoiled by that! It’s so convenient to just run up one floor to get a snack or a drink. That night we walked around to find out where things were, and went to bed early.

Tuesday the ship docked in Freeport, Bahamas. We decided to stay onboard because 1) we’d already been to Freeport, and 2) since the cruise didn’t have a “sea day” we wanted to make our own. We played trivia, and won a couple of times. NCL gives out little souvenirs for prizes, instead of trophies, so we have some playing cards and luggage tags. We sat out by the pool for awhile, ate lunch, just hung out, basically. We ate in one of the main dining rooms for dinner,
and went to the show, which was a Broadway tribute and included songs from Moving Out, Wicked, Mamma Mia, Hairspray, and a couple of others. It made me want to see Wicked!

Wednesday we stopped in Nassau. We did get off the ship, but didn’t do much. We took a horse-drawn carriage tour (the horse’s name was Anna Nicole…LOL) and walked around a little. I tend to avoid the big, over-hyped jewelry stores like Diamonds International, but we found a small, out-of-the-way shop that sold locally made soaps, candles, etc, and I bought a necklace & earring set there. They have beads and the necklace has a pendant made from a shell. We got back on the ship for lunch. Spent the rest of the day just hanging out some more. Funny story- the ship had a nice little library with books you could borrow, and a shelf full of games like chess and Scrabble, and tables to play them. We got Uno, and started to play, when Frank noticed a stack of papers sitting on the shelf. It turned out to be some paperwork the ship needed to dock in Nassau- including the entire passenger manifest (names, birthdates, room #’s, passport #’s), the crew listing, and the ship’s inventory (how much food & supplies it had). I can’t believe someone just left it laying around! We turned it in at the main desk, but then later regretted not asking for some sort of reward.

Thursday we were supposed to go to Great Stirrup Cay, NCL’s private island, but due to the windy conditions, it was not safe to operate the tenders, so we had a sea day after all. On one hand, I was disappointed because I’ve never done the private island thing and was interested to check it out, but really I enjoyed the ship so much I didn’t mind spending another day onboard. We ate breakfast in the dining room since we were up early enough to do so! When we checked in at the desk, we were told that since were staying in a balcony, we could go eat at the other dining room, which had a buffet for the fruits, pastries, etc plus a menu for the hot items, so we did that. The cruise director announced that a new “Freestyle Daily” was being printed to accommodate the change of plans. A few extra trivia games were added to the itinerary, but I didn’t win any more prizes. That night we went to the show (a revue of rock/pop/country music from the last 40 years), and later to The Quest, which is an adult scavenger hunt. We just watched, didn’t play, but it gets pretty wild, and now we’re prepared in case we go on another NCL cruise!

Friday we got up ate breakfast, and disembarked. Our flight was at 11:55 AM, which I had worried would be too early, but we had plenty of time. Disembarkment was really fast, and we were at the airport by 9:30. The airport wasn’t as busy as it was the last time we’d flown out from there, so it didn’t take us as long to get through security. We could have stayed on the ship another hour! We got home to our kitties by 3PM.

Overall, it was a great trip! The only complaint, of course, was that it was too short! After our last 4-day cruise, I said I’d never do another 4-day because it’s not enough time, but of course I won this one, so I was willing to make an exception. 🙂 I loved the ship, loved the food- especially the buffet, it seemed to have so much variety, and at lunch they had these awesome pretzel rolls that I am already missing. We never tried any of the specialty restaurants, so that’s still something I need to try if I sail NCL again. They are supposed to be wonderful, but I was okay just eating at the places that were included. Now I just need to figure out when, where, and on which cruise line, I will cruise again!

This review is from Toryn’s LiveJournal Blog.

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The Calm Before the 2009 Cruise Booking Storm

As I had mentioned in the December 15th post, I noticed what was looking like a bottoming of Cruise Prices. With my very active weekly research on cruise prices I noticed that there was a lot of rapid fluctuations in prices. The overall trend was a slight increase in pricing but with the fuel surcharges being removed from the major Cruise Lines, the total price for the cruises were the lowest they had ever been.

It looks to me like that week would have been one of the best weeks to book your 2009 cruise. The great news is that this upcoming week, starting on Dec. 29th is the calm before the storm known as Wave Season. Employers have started asking employees to put in their time off requests as early as possible. So this means that we book 70% of our cruises between January 2nd – March 30th. This increased demand is accompanied be an increase in pricing. December 29th – January 3rd will still have very enticing rates because the heavy booking volume will start the following week.

Do not miss out on the current low prices because you think people will not travel in 2009:

Most cruises sailing in the next two weeks are sold out, which means that ships are full and that people are still traveling. Cruising offers an incredible value compared to land based vacations…people are still going to travel in 2009 and the value of cruising may draw a lot of first time cruisers. If you know you are going to be cruising in 2009, then I advice booking early to take advantage of the current pricing. Cruises booked through agencies such as that are scheduled more than 75 days out are held with a fully-refundable deposit, so if prices were to go down prior to final payment being due you could cancel and rebook at the lower rates. But just as I was correct on December 15th about the rates going up, if you book a month from today you will pay more for the same 2009 cruise. This is FREE Advice, try to book your 2009 cruise this week…and if you do not get the opportunity to this week, then book it as close to January 1st as possible!

A major part of my job is to track cruise pricing and to find the best cruise deals that are going to be the most popular with our subscribers. Take advantage of the many hours that I spend tracking prices and sign up for our free Email Newsletter with Exclusive Deals: Click here to sign up for!

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Disney Kids Cruise FREE

strong>Disney Cruise Announcement! Great news! Kids 12 and under can sail free on most 3-night Disney Bahamas cruises from Jan. 22 through May 28, 2009 with two full-fare Guests in the same stateroom. Government Taxes and Fees not included. This is for new bookings only!

This promotion is for new bookings only, so unfortunately if you are already booked you cannot take advantage of this Awesome Family Promotion…if you are not booked yet take this as a sign from the Good Karma Gods Mickey and Goofy that you were meant to be on a Disney Cruise this Winter or Spring and Call a Cruise Expert today: 800.668.6414 !

Tryign to win $500 from

Tryign to win $500 from


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